This is Villecom

Villecom is a 3D animation and design studio located in Kangasala Finland.

Villecom can deliver stunning 3D graphics for your advertisements, product photos, sales brochures etc. Specialized in creation and excelling at delivery!

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3D art

You can create stunning visual animations and visualizations with Villecom.

3D product renders

Turntable animations, technical designs etc. Show your products to your customers with 3D animations and photos!

Character design

Villecom created "Little Bobi" for

Check Little Bobi Stories Below!


Before we get started on a new project we will have all the necessary meetings so you will get a very clear definition of the project. I will also keep you updated on the necessary steps.

1. Storyboard

Storyboard is crucial for animation. It can be something simple: 

"I want the camera to fly like a drone around my product etc." 


Or it can be more detailed: "First scene starts with the little guy staring out from the window, weather is perfect!.."

2. Sketches

I will do some sketches in 3D or 2D to get started. 

3. 3D work

I will start on designing your idea or product in 3D software. At this stage I will also do rigging (skeleton controller) and animation tests.

4. Texturing

I will add materials, like gold, silver or even rust to the design.

5. Animation
6. Rendering...

...And Post processing, vfx, etc. I will edit sequences or images. At this stage I will make sure the end result looks good! We will also go through some editing together if needed.



3D Modelling



Character creation on 3D

Character animation

Photorealistic product renders

Villecom is a 3D creative studio specialized in 3D design and animation.

Villecom, Kangasala, Finland

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+358 40 7220945

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